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Yes, SEO is needed to take your small business to the next level. Small business owners connect with their potential clients by efficiently using SEO and social networks. The ability of social network and SEO to capture hyper-targeted niche is amazing and as an online advertiser you can get the right audience with less advertising.

Using SEO, Social Networks to Dominate Search Results like a Professional.


1. Optimize Your Website to build a brand.

Your website is a digital representation of your offline business. Check Starbucks website ( A visitor to their website will instantly associate the online website with their offline business because of the starbucks logo and the website’s branded green theme .The coffee company showcases their newest product in their home page itself. The menu will give you all the information about the coffee beverages they offer, the facilities that are available in each starbuck etc. They also have a starbucks store locator so that you can instantly find a starbucks coffee shop nearby. Each webpage is optimized to target a particular keyword and the user can easily navigate to any page easily. User navigation is also an important factor in the optimization of website. If you own a local business in Seattle they try search engine optimization Seattle provided by RixiVert Technologies.


2. Branding your Company Name online.

Optimizing your website is not just enough a lot of third party website use our website information too. Websites that feature local business like Dexknows, Yelp, YP and Yellowbook also collects your business information and use them on their listing. If they have not done so, then you need to register an account with them and accurately fill out your info. Your listings should be branded by using photos, videos, website URL and other key information. An informative and attractive listing will always attract potential customers to your business. You also need to create a separate listing on the appropriate categories, if you own business in multiple locations. Hiring the right SEO companies can make this task easy for you. The best search engine optimization provider in Seattle, Los Angeles and Bellevue is (your company name)


3. Appropriate Link Strategy.

The authenticity and credibility of your business lies on appropriate links to your website. Do not buy links, instead try to get links by providing quality content .You can create helpful videos on YouTube or create informative “How to “articles and submit them to different article directories like ezine articles or wikihow.

You advertise your business thorough newsletters related to your niche and offer something of value to your customer. Customers scan every advertisement and look for what they are getting. A 5% discount brings you more traffic than an advertising that only concentrates on your brand. You also need to actively pay attention to who you are linking to. If you are linking to bad neighbors then it will have a negative impact on your business. You also need to manage how your business brand is used by others. Reputation management prevents misuse of your business or brand name by other persons or business.


4. Engage with your Customers and increase your audience.

You need to have a proactive your social media strategy to attract the right followers and fans to your social network pages. Your Facebook, and Google business page should also be updated with the latest happenings in your business, your discounts and new products that you have launched. Your customers will forget about your business if they are not informed periodically that your business does exist. It’s the business responsibility to respond to customers who are reaching out via social media with questions or feedback on their orders. The trust of the customers on your business goes up when they see the business or brand is actively helping their customer get the best service. Encourage your followers to write reviews about your business and share it with their friends. There may be many negative reviews but by responding to them you will learn a lot about your customers. You will learn how to improve your business as perceived by your customer. Never post false reviews because people can always find that out and it leaves a bad message to the general public about your business.


5. Using Media Coverage to your advantage.

The right media coverage can help your business or brand get the right kind of attention from the general public. Highly credible news websites passes on their credibility to your business s or brand when they write about you. You can be a part of a social cause and get noted for your activities by these news agencies. Develop strong relationship with local media and bloggers by offering your service to them for free. They may write a review about your product and services and let their client base know about your business.

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