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Doing business in modern times requires that you have a professionally created website in order to take advantage of the huge market that Internet provides. Having a website created with search engine optimization in mind allows you to reach billions of potential buyers of your product or service, which enhances your chances of making sales and growing your business. Whether yours is a regular business website or an e-commerce store, having a professionally created functional website does not simply happen. You need to engage the service of a professional with knowledge and experience in website design.

Even so, you still need to ascertain what type of web designer whose service to engage. There are basically four types of web designers; web designers (who focus on page layout, colours, navigation, page linking, text location and graphics), programmers (who create codes that make it possible for website to function), graphic designers (who choose website colours, logos, photos, page layout and other illustrations) and Internet marketing Consultants (who develop online marketing strategies). It is because of the difficulty you are most likely to face when searching for the right and knowledgeable website designer that we exist.

Located in Seattle, Bellevue and Los Angeles, we at RixiVert Technologies are proud in being one of the web design/SEO Company with special focus on small business owners intending to get on the big stage both locally and internationally. We are indeed very proud of the many small business owners who have accessed our small business web design service, businesses that now competing with major companies and corporations in meeting product and service demands for millions of clients from across the world.

Unlike other web design service providers based in Los Angeles and elsewhere, ours is not a general web design service. We provide custom website design service that meets your website and business need. We have certainly gained a lot of experience in designing websites and therefore know that two different business owners dealing in the same product or service do not need to have similar design of websites. The two certainly have their own preferences and taste. In any case, while one may want to focus on local market, the other may want to focus on international market. It is because of such issues that we treat each and every business differently, allowing us to create a professional, unique and highly functional websites that are custom designed.

We are literally a one-stop-shop when it comes to website design. Our company brings together some of the top notch professional web designers not only in Seattle but in Los Angeles as well. We have all types of web designers under one roof, designers who go to great length to obtain as much information about you and your business before embarking on design. We also give you examples of the many websites we have designed just to have a feel of our expertise before you trust us to create one for your business.

We realize that small business owners who are our main focus are just starting out; we endeavour to provide high quality custom web design service at a cost that any one with small business can afford. This is why we continue to receive many small business owners referred by others we have served in the past. Our service is certainly not limited to website design. We also provide internet marketing and SEO services including copywriting.

You definitely cannot ignore the huge opportunity that the Internet provides when you need to take your business to the next level. We have implemented mechanisms through which you can not only contact us but also allow us to create for you a professional web site regardless of your location in the world. 

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