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RixiVert Technologies is about practical solutions, affordable pricing and results that will improve the functionality and purpose of your web presence.

We’re a development and website design company that specializes in ecommerce. The perfect conduit for the small business that wants to grow on a local and national level. We know how important effective web design has become. Unfortunately, there is still a lot of misconception about the process. Many believe a generic site on the Internet makes the business, but successful website owners and companies know that internet is all about being original and unique. 

Website design needs an experienced, talented, deft and patient hand. Good design isn’t merely technology and standard practices. It has to be client and audience oriented. It needs to be creative and compelling. It is going to require strong points of contact that expands conversion rates. It has to give you an edge on the competition. 

RixiVert delves into the core of our clients’ market positioning and looks at the best strategies for building it. This is why our engagements start with RixiVert’s proprietary Positioning Action Plan. It is a carefully devised approach for defining client goals, what they do, why customers should care and serves as a critical point for our marketing experts to create the best analyses and ecommerce solutions and ecommerce website design.

Key to any small business design is consistent website layout. We concentrate on original content that is clean and simple to follow. We incorporate brand strategy, finding ways to differentiate your services and products from the competition. But regardless of the complexity that may be applied to your campaign – the back end – RixiVert never forgets the front end. That’s your customer wanting easy navigation, concise, clever instructions and presentations, and responsiveness. This is the technical side of the project that gets the attention of our computer nerds that promises your users gets strong definitions of your brand, offerings and culture.

From the basics of keyword research, SEO and link building, RixiVert probes into marketing messages, competitive online research, selling propositions and more. All to understand your current positioning and how to turn it on its head, transforming the relationship between you and your customers.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, RixiVert Technologies wants you to know we believe in our clients. More so, we believe in our work. That’s why we promise guaranteed satisfaction. A business like ours is built on returning customers and word-of-mouth, and we count on that to solidify RixiVert’s future. 

Unique Website Development
We develop every site around your business goals

Mobile & Tablet Optimized
We can make your site mobile and tablet ready

Advanced SEO & Marketing
Social media and powerful seo techniques get you more sales

Reporting & Analytics
Track your progress with easy and intuitive google analytics

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Referral Program:

Do you know anyone who needs a website, web application, or ecommerce storefront?

Simply refer our services to someone you know or you can provide us with the contact information of a person who might be interested in our web services. If that person contacts us and it results in a web project for our company, we will credit your PayPal account in the amount of $100 for each referral.

The Open Source Initiative:

The Open Source Initiative (OSI) is a non-profit corporation with global scope formed to educate about, and advocate, for the benefits of open source, and to build bridges among different constituencies in the open source community.

RixiVert works with clients who are looking for affordable and powerful websites, content management systems, online point-of-sale, Cloud E-commerce Software, Online Business Software, and other custom software engineering. RixiVert Cloud Based Software develops all of its products on Open Source platforms.